Are you listening to the the voice inside your head telling you that 'You should have paid more attention,' 'You're so stupid,' or 'You don't deserve to succeed,' or 'You're not like other people.'


It can even keep you from trying new things, or having a relationship. You may hear 'Don't be vulnerable, you'll just get hurt.' This voice is not there because you are terrible, this voice inside you head is your Inner Critic. You are not alone!


This voice developed over time to protect you and help you get your needs met. It most likely began when you were an infant. It developed to make sure that you were making the right faces at your caregivers in order to be fed, nurtured and held. It most often progresses into a version of someone from your past. Later on, it develops into some form of the enforcer, ensuring that you do things right, act in an acceptable manner and look like the magazines, which you interpret to mean 'like everyone else.'


When it goes unchecked or even worse is hidden from your awareness, it becomes destructive and limits your motivation to achieve your dreams. The Inner Critic is not your conscience, it has a punishing quality and is often degrading. This can lead to self-hatred. It is time to stop this cycle before it holds you back from enjoying the life you deserve.