• Place a hand on the bottom of your ribcage and another just underneath that, above your belly button

  • Breathe from your lower belly

  • Fully expand your abdomen

  • Expand your rib cage out towards your arms

  • Move the air all the way up into your chest cavity - your upper chest should also expand/rise and fall

  • And all the way up to your collarbone

  • Then release the breath softly out of your mouth

  • Please resist pushing your breath out as you exhale or blowing out on the exhale

  • Let the exhale come out as though you were fogging up a mirror or your glasses before you clean them, not a fierce wind - very important for the process and for your comfort and safety

  • This is not a three-part breath. Many other breathing modalities exist and are valid, but please focus on keeping your inhale connected to your exhale and your exhale connected to your inhale.

  • It helps to relax your mouth, keep your mouth open wide and pay attention to the sound you make when you exhale. The exhale should be barely audible

  • You will be breathing in and out of your mouth

  • You will breathe in a circular pattern, one breath into the next, no stopping or pausing between the breaths, literally no gaps

  • Removing the gaps assures that you can move past the fight or flight stage (sympathetic nervous system) and enter and remain in the parasympathetic nervous system, in the rest and digest mode. In this state, your heart rate slows down. You are more able to surrender to your breath, allowing your subconscious to surface and deliver a deeper experience

  • Once you get the breath pattern going, after the 1st 10-15 minutes, you will let go of your resistance and judgement of the process or yourself and move into an altered state of consciousness


Ultimately, the goal of this work is to remind you that you have all the answers inside of you and have the ability to heal your past without outside influences or exclusive programs, using only your breath. Eventually, you will begin to develop the neural pathways to calm and center yourself and listen and respond from your own deep wisdom instead of reacting unconsciously to your environment.