• Please Download the Zoom Meetings App at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session

  • Test Computer Audio 15 minutes before the session - tech issues have a way of manifesting just before an event!

  • Your experience will be best when you use external speakers, headphones or earbuds

  • Please make sure that you have privacy, that your phone is on silent and on vibrate and close out of all other programs outside of Zoom to maintain optimum connectivity

  • Please make sure that your children, partner, roommate and animals are safely stored in the overhead compartment and that the aisles are clear... kidding

  • You do need to be completely free to focus on this experience and I strongly encourage you to hire a sitter for people or pets so that you can fully relax and be present for yourself. Splitting your attention in any way will reduce the likelihood that you will receive the healing benefits of breathing in community

  • Please set yourself up on the floor or on your bed - you may find that pillows under your knees help to support your lower back

  • Pillows under the head should be flat - thick pillows distort your neck and your airway. I prefer to go without a pillow

  • Have a blanket or two nearby in case you feel cold - regularly happens with this practice. Many participants report becoming alternately hot and cold during sessions

  • Please make sure to go to the restroom just before the session. You may be light-headed or dizzy during the session. 

  • Once you begin breathing, it is best to remain on your mat or in your bed throughout the entire session

  • Movement such as light rocking, yoga moves, stretching, even punching the air is encouraged, but standing or walking is strongly discouraged

  • I prefer to have a clear view of your chest, abdomen, throat and face for the session so that I can coach you in moving your breath freely

  • Please set up your computer so that I can see you. Please call if you would like more privacy.

  • The Lighting should be low, but not dark so that I can see you. 

  • I prefer to use an eye pillow. Keeping your eyes closed is most effective and highly recommended, otherwise you will not be able to access your subconscious mind

  • You may want to have chapstick as your mouth and lips may get dry

  • Wear comfortable clothes and please wear pants!

  • Please do not eat heavily for at least 2 hours before the session

  • Have a water bottle nearby and tissue within reach

  • You may want to have a journal and pen also within reach

    • Remember, you are completely in control of your process. I will not be in control of your mind or your thoughts. When you are able to relax and know that you are in charge of your own wellbeing, your subconscious can arise so that you can discover the core beliefs that delay your healing and growth  

    • Your psyche knows what you are ready to face and what you can handle

    • If you work with a therapist, you may wish to discuss therapeutic breathing with the therapist before attending a session. I am available for a brief call with your therapist to answer questions if needed

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