We will take a few minutes to review our experiences following the session, but expect your process to continue after the session is over. You may have emotions, irritability or awareness for many days, even weeks.


Techniques to Use Over the Next Week or Two:

  • Journalling

  • Writing poetry

  • Making art, movement

  • Free-form dance

  • Swimming and martial arts

  • Bubble baths or being in water can be very soothing and therapeutic

    • use any self-care practice that supports you and helps you rejuvenate​


Try not to schedule anything too demanding after your session. Time to integrate awarenesses and your emotions is essential to making the most of your session.


Having a powerful breathing session and then going out to a loud environment is like watching a crime show with a friend and talking through the whole thing and missing the clues that led to solving the great mystery. In this work, the mystery is your inner world. Allowing it to unfold organically requires space and private time. Give yourself time to integrate your new wisdom.


I am available to discuss your concerns or questions at any time. We can either have a 15 minute conversation or you can schedule a full consultation or private session with me at 504-416-0590